Boer Goat Story


The Boer Goat

The Boer Goat was developed for meat production in South Africa in the early 1900s. The precise origins of the breed are uncertain, but it is likely that indigenous goats from South Africa were crossed with European bloodlines. Selected for meat production, rather than milk, and following selective breeding practices, the naturally fast growth rate and excellent carcass qualities make the Boer Goat a highly desirable animal for meat production. These attributes combined with their natural resistance to disease and their ability to adapt and thrive in harsh environments, make the breed a common sense option to land unsuitable for many farming uses.

Boer goats are minimal care animals that are browsers by nature, preferring brush, shrubs, and broadleaf weeds to grass. Free ranging goats on our Central Otago hillsides are, on average, healthier animals than pen-raised goats, while our known habitat ensures no ‘feral’ attributes enter the herds genetic system. This in turn ensures only genetically advanced stock are bred each year. Many years of selective breeding for animals showing the most desirable characteristics for meat production, ensures that Shingle Creek Chevon is the highest quality meat available on the market today.

Our Boer Goats


Our Breeders

Tony Grayling and Wynne Cruickshank have lived on the land all their lives. With backgrounds in sheep, beef and dairy farming, Wynne and Tony have been breeding goats for 40 years. For the past 20 years they have focussed their experience to Boer Goat bucks and their Boer infused progeny. Many years of breeding have developed a herd crossed with Boer for meat, Saanen for milk and Cashmere for hardiness. This crossbreeding has produced one of the most genetically advanced herds in the country.

Originally from the Bay of Plenty region, Wynne travelled to South Africa’s Northern Cape region in the late 1990s. This first hand experience visiting a number of studs and observing the Boer Goat in its original and natural habitat, totally changed Wynne’s thinking on the most suitable environment for breeding Boer Goats in New Zealand. On his return home, Wynne and Tony set about finding some land in Central Otago, settling on a block between Roxburgh and Alexandra in 2005, near Shingle Creek.

Selective breeding practices since that time have developed a hardy herd of top quality animals, bred to provide a very high standard of meat. Tony and Wynne have won numerous awards for their animals, most recently being awarded Supreme Boer Goat Champion at the Canterbury A&P Show in 2011. The host of ribbons pictured below are well earned for their work in developing a healthy, genetically advanced herd, providing Shingle Creek Chevon with simply the best goat meat available today.

Stud enquiries are welcome. Please contact Tony or Wynne directly on 03 446 8680.

Tony Grayling on RNZ

Use the player below to listen to a 2009 Radio New Zealand story featuring Tony Grayling.